Local DW.PL Date: 2017-06-29 17:42


We are please to inform, that since last month we had many opportunities to play along with Betasom Community. We hope that this is good start to reactivate our community and play again with the good, old squad of Mariners.

See you soon!

Forum script system change!


Due to irreversible problems with forum we have moved to other system.
Please check your e-mail box carefully for instruction how to revive you account.

We are sorry for technical difficulties.

Best regards,
DW.PL Administration

Reinforce Alert Mod 1.33 - last meetings.


Recently we played using Reinforce Alert Mod 1.33 with a bugfix. More information about mod will surely be find on official mod forum: RedRogers - Reinforce Alert Forum

Reinforce Alert Mod 1.32 by RedRogers.

It's been a while.. :>

We had an opportunity to play with new version of Reinforce Alert (more info available:
RedRogers - Reinforce Alert Forum

It looks very promising, we also did not experience any bugs. I hope we can meet soon @ GameSpy!

New server!

We have moved to a brand new machine. It's located in Gdansk, PL, and it can do a lot more we would (DW.PL) ever need :) It has 100/100 connection, so prepare to feel the boost.

DangerousWaters downtime - 20th, 21th of September

Unfortunately DW.PL server experienced physical damage, what was the cause of downtime. Now server is operational in 100%. I am sorry that I couldn't react faster. Soon server will be changed to totally new hardware.

Video related to Dangerous Waters.

Recently I have found a video created by falconsix (a member of SubSIM Community). However there is no plot or story at all, creator did a great job. Intense action, interesting effects applied to scenes and nice shots are things which makes this movie eye-candy.

Take a look for yourself.

Dangerous Waters : Countdown 2


Welcome to *NEW* DangerousWaters.PL Website!!

We have a distinct pleasure to introduce you to new DW.PL Website.
It's new functionality will allow us to modify the contents in more efficient way.

Have fun exploring new website!
DW.PL Team.